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How to select an Organization from the list below.

If you are a School Nurse, find your school system and click on "Show Schools" link. This will show all the schools in your system. Find your school and click on the link for your school and it will fill in the proper Organization Name and NCESID number for you. (These numbers are important as they integral to our data.)

Email any questions to Diane Kowal for further options ie: your school name has changed, if your school not in the list or if you are a nurse for more than one school. If the latter applies, select your primary school and email us please.

If your school is not listed or if you are not a RI School Nurse, please enter the name of your school or organization in the Organization field below the schools listing. If you are retired, simply put 'Retired' n the Organization field.

Enter N/A if None
(If Retired, enter N/A)
(If Retired, enter N/A)
(Enter N/A if not a RI School Nurse)
(Enter N/A if not a RI School Nurse)
Upload An Image of your DOH License in JPG or JPEG format. RICSNTA now requires verified DOH RN License numbers.